Factory and Supplier Audit Services

Tenere Consulting Ltd. provides factory audits and supplier audits that present a detailed analysis of the condition, strengths, and weaknesses of client's suppliers.  These audits can also assist the suppliers understand areas requiring improvement to better meet their client's needs.


Factory and Supplier Audit Services

Tenere Consulting Ltd. provides certified ISO 9001:2015 lead auditors who evaluate a prospective manufacturing vendor or supplier to determine whether the proposed vendor or supplier is capable to handle the purchase order.  The audits also focus on any concerns which the client may have. It will also check to ensure that the supplier has sufficient controls, processes, and monitoring systems established to minimize the risks of non-compliance to specs, and to diminish the potential of financial loss to the client for poor product quality, or failure to meet delivery deadlines.

The supplier and factory audit services serve as an effective way to monitor manufacturing processes and reduce costs to our clients.  Upon completion of the supplier audit, the client is supplied with an audit report which includes details of any non-conformance requiring correction and recommendations for improvement.

Key factory and supplier audit services include

  • Reviewing the supplier's safety procedures, processes, and records.
  • Identifying any disparities that may exist between the RFP and the supplier's tender that should be resolved during the initial meeting with the survey team.
  • Reviewing of Production Plans and Shop Loading to ensure that contract schedules can be achieved.
  • Ensuring that adequate plant facilities and equipment are available and operable.
  • Verifying that the transportation, packaging, and preservation conditions of the proposal.
  • Ensuring that the supplier's labor resources have the proper skills needed to complete the work scope.
  • Gathering financial documentation, including the company's current profit and loss summary, balance sheet, cash flow chart, and other pertinent financial information.
  • Preparing a listing of available tools and equipment.
  • Verifying that plans are in place for vendor supplies and materials or subcontracts to assure that the final delivery schedule can be met. Making sure that these plans are verifiable.
  • Reviewing any technical data and publications that may be required under the proposed contract and make sure they are understood by the company.
  • Reviewing the quality control program and make sure that it is workable and consistent with the quality requirements stated in the contract.

For further information about our supplier and factory audit services, please get in touch with our office at info@tenereconsulting.com, or give us a call at 403-850-1362.

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