Tenere Consulting Ltd. provides industrial equipment procurement support services at manufacturing facilities in Canada, Europe, and the US, ensuring that quality standards and client-defined requirements are met.

Let Us Help You Improve Your Manufacturing Process

Tenere Consulting Ltd. specializes in in-process fabrication, testing, and final inspections of industrial equipment across several sectors.  For further information about our services, please get in touch with our office at 403-850-1362 or email us at

Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS)

Third Party Inspections / Expediting

Factory & Supplier Audits

Electrical & Instrumentation Inspections


With extensive experience in Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Mining, and Renewable Energy sectors, Tenere Consulting Ltd. stands out due to our technical expertise, our approach to project delivery, and the ability of our team to continually deliver challenging projects within budget and on time.

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