About Us

Tenere Consulting Ltd. provides supplier quality surveillance (SQS), third-party inspections and expediting, factory and supplier audits, and quality control consulting in Western Canada, Europe, and the US.

Our Mission and Values

It is our mission to be a competitive and trusted manufacturing quality control provider.  Our core competencies in supplier quality surveillance, third-party inspections, expediting, and factory audits are constantly being evaluated and optimized to ensure we provide the best-in-class services to our clients. Our values are closely aligned with our mission, bringing us to the forefront of the industry, including innovation, teamwork, integrity, responsibility, and relationships.

History and Founder

Tenere Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2012 by Greg Sulkowski.  With a background in Power Engineering and a Master Electrician by trade, Greg has more than two decades of experience in electrical work and managing Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) activities, including third-party inspections and audits. Greg is well versed in the concepts and principles of quality inspection and has a strong working knowledge of procurement principles, practices, and techniques to ensure task completion, timely project delivery, and fulfilling supplier relationship expectations.

Why You Should Consider Tenere Consulting Ltd. as Your Partner in Quality?

Drawing from a large database of proven third-party inspections personnel in Canada, Europe, and the US, Tenere Consulting Ltd. is in a position to provide clients with reliable and qualified inspectors for a variety of industrial and manufacturing projects in the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Mining, and Renewable Energies.  We are known for building long term and lasting client relationships; which is why we have a unique amalgamation of clients, including world-class energy companies like Amec Foster Wheeler, Suncor, and Imperial.

Our experienced Supply Chain Management team works well with vendors/sub-vendors to identify and remove all bottlenecks at all levels to mitigate delays and to deliver to clients on schedule, while also ensuring that standards and specifications set out in the scope of work are complied with.

We have proven ability to integrate our experienced inspectors within our client's project teams, from Feasibility study stage, FEED and up to EPC, ensuring that at each phase of the project, our customer’s high-value equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, before they are shipped out and installed.

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