Industries Served

With extensive experience in the Manufacturing, Engineering, and Oil & Gas sectors, Tenere Consulting Ltd. stands out due to our in-house and technical expertise, our approach to project delivery, coupled with the ability of our team to continually deliver challenging projects in all the industries we work in, within budget and on time.

Oil and Gas

In the era of a changing oil and gas industry, cost-efficiencies are key.  Our services drive optimization, reduce costs, and mitigate risks associated with manufacturing projects.


From MCC and control buildings to process modules and skids, we manage the supplier quality and perform inspections of the fabrication and installation of client's projects.

Industrial Manufacturing

With an extensive background in industrial manufacturing processes, we focus on supplier quality surveillance, inspections, and expediting of manufacturing projects to create efficient work-flows and get jobs done on time and on budget.


Inspections of industrial equipment and components are fundamental in power generation plants.  At Tenere Consulting Ltd., we mitigate risks and shutdowns through routine inspections of power generation assets such as boilers, piping, tanks, and pressure vessels.  


When it comes to mining facilities, the quality of the equipment and components is subject to strict regulations. Our supplier quality surveillance services help you ensure compliance with all specs and contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

Renewable Energy

We focus on electrical and mechanical inspections, expediting, and supplier quality surveillance of renewable energy components such as wind turbines, generators, solar panels, and other equipment in Canada, Europe, and the US.

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